Learn the guitar for fun!


Children and Adults

Do you WANT to improve and increase your English Vocabulary in a focused and enjoyable atmosphere?

Do you WANT to amaze your friends by playing

your guitar at parties and fiesta’s or even just for fun? But DON’T WANT to spend hours and hours, learning music notation and theory.

The ‘FUN GUITAR COURSE’ will take you to a level where, after only a few hours of instruction, you will have learned enough to give you the ability, with some self-practice, to play along to many popular songs, maybe even your own!

The unique difference is that these lessons are taught in ENGLISH. Now you have the opportunity to increase your English vocabulary, use and improve your English conversational skills with a Natural English speaker whilst having some fun learning the guitar. Songs are one of the quickest and easiest way to increase and store English vocabulary.

An extensive English vocabulary plays a vital part in the art of songwriting, looking for words or phrases that can be used as substitutes for basic English expression. Will’s musical ability combined with his natural, fluent and extensive English vocabulary makes his “Learn the Guitar for Fun – in English” a great course for those wishing to practice or augment their spoken English, whilst having some fun learning to play the guitar at a basic level. There is no music theory or music notation to learn – just have some fun!! If you bring your guitar it would be even better…!!


Will Hammond was born and raised in Birmingham, the United Kingdom’s second largest City. A former member of two successful British pop groups of the sixties. Firstly, as the lead guitarist for the legendary cult band, The Uglys, who scored several European successes and two number one hits in the charts in Australia and New Zealand. One of those songs “Wake up My Mind” is regarded as the first ‘social commentary’ song ever written for pop music, pre-dating Bob Dylan. These days the lyrics of that song are used as part of the curriculum of Newcastle University’s Political and Social Science degree course. All the members of the band also went on to have fame with such famous groups as The Electric Light Orchestra, The Steve Gibbons Band, Wizzard, Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull and The Mindbenders. The Uglys back catalogue, re-released in 2004 was a sell out success and reached No 8 in the oldies chart, placed between Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley!!

Ten years ago Will moved to Extremadura. He gives group lessons and one-to-one classes in guitar and is the leader of his own band. His recent appearance at the Museo Etnografico of Don Benito was attended by 120 students.

Will has taught his ‘Fun Guitar Course’ in Italy, Germany, Poland and in Great Britain.


Following his professional music career Will traveled the world, living in Sardinia, Germany, Cyprus and Poland. He also worked with the Diplomatic Service serving at the British Embassy in Warsaw, Poland during the hectic and politically exciting days of the fall of communism. Naturally, only the best of English speakers are used by the Foreign Office for these most prestigious overseas appointments.

For the past four years, Will has been working as part of the highly regarded educational team of English speakers who staff the ‘Total Immersion in English” Course. This group have taught courses to practically every school teacher in Extremadura.

This highly individual approach to learning, places Will Hammond in the forefront of ungrammatical language courses available in Spain and the Academy takes great pleasure in announcing this unique course as an accompaniment to our structured English Language programme.

There are only limited places available for each class.

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